Tuesday, August 21, 2012

No more comment drama...

I’m pretty thick-skinned. I do pretty well with criticism and welcome opposing points of view. After all, we are all different and no one person thinks or believes or agrees with every other person on this planet. What a boring place this would be if we all thought alike. So I’ve always welcomed comments that didn’t agree with me. They are helpful to me to be objective and re-evaluate my own perspective.

My readers have always been had the privilege of posting uncensored comments. I haven’t reviewed them before they post. I have let everyone speak their own mind no matter how they expressed their opinion. I have deleted only two comments in the past two years and they were ones that had nothing to do with the blog or content – they were just filled with pornography.
I have always felt that everyone has a point of view that deserves to be heard. I am a strong woman and (for the most part) can take whatever is dished out. Yesterday I met with a social worker from the Veterans Administration who pointed out that disrespectful comments made on this blog can hurt people other than me.  I have a lot of readers who relate to what I write as a story of their own life. They see themselves in my experiences. When someone posts a hateful comment, it is not just hateful towards me, it is also hateful towards those readers who have made similar choices. It’s not just about ME anymore.

There is also the issue of the rudeness upsetting my family. They take the commenters words personally and want to protect me. I’ve asked them not to respond to the hurtful things people post, but the comments have become so upsetting, that my grandson’s wife, could not help but lash back (grandaughter).
It is a shame when the actions of a few result in innocent people having to pay the consequences. Unfortunately, this has become the case. For now on, I will review every comment before it is posted. I will not post comments that are venomous, mean, rude or hateful. It is cowardly is hide behind anonymity in order to hurt others. Simply put – if you don’t like me, don’t read my blog. I invite you to NOT be involved in anything I do.
I still welcome opposing points of view. I will not edit the comments. Everyone has a right to be heard, as long as everyone is respectful of everyone else. Anonymous comments will still be accepted as long as they are of a constructive nature. I especially like comments that provide positive suggestions and/or links to other sites with helpful information.
Thank you very much for being my readers. I appreciate every one of you. I hope you will continue reading even though there might not be so much “comment drama”.
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